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Compress Leggings

Compress Leggings

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Initially designed to address vein and circulation issues, items made from compression fabrics make up some of today’s trendiest styles in the apparel industry. 

We developed our Compress Leggings thinking about taking your running sessions to the next level.

Golf ball textured material that provides compression and looks amazing.

The reduction of oscillation, or muscle movement, is thought to prevent energy waste and assists in maintaining proper body alignment. While increased blood flow ensures that the muscles are receiving a constant supply of oxygen, which is required to sustain performance or enhance recovery.


  • increases venous return
  • reduces exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD)
  • accelerates recovery processes
  • removes lactic acid faster
  • increases strength and power
  • improves endurance
  • increases muscle oxygenation
  • improves body temperature control
  • reduces in-flight ankle swelling

Compress Leggings come with a medium waistband.

Super comfortable and breathable Polyamide Compression material.

Reinforced seamlines.

Made in Brasil with LOVE!

At moment, available only in Black and in One Size that fits 4-12.


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