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Buying wholesale at our website is easy and fast! All you have to do is choose at least 20 products and apply the code WHOLESALE at the checkout. This way you can have 40% off and start your own business from home. Wholesale is a great way to start since you're getting the products fast and you can use all photos, website banners, and promotional material, not to mention working with a well stablished business already known at the market.

* Please keep in mind that all sales both in private label or wholesale purchases are final. We can't exchange the products since we're selling for almost half the price and taking them off from our inventory. 


 If you're thinking about creating your own brand or expand your existing one, we can also help you.



Alis Sportswear is a high-end sportswear manufacturer for brands where quality and design are essential.

Our unique collections can be made with your logo specifications and color/prints combinations with complete attention to detail, form, and function to give you the highest quality product.

Alis Sportswear is known for being a premium quality Brazilian Leggings Manufacturer. Now you can have the best Brazilian material and perfect fitting/finishing on your exclusive collections.

We only choose the best materials and finishing for our products. We don't work with Polyester fabrics! We know that Polyester can be an affordable material and it can reduce significantly the product's cost but we prefer quality over price. Our Polyamide fabrics are hipoalergenic, eco-friendly, and durable. It will keep its shape even after several washes and provide you with an soft and silky feeling. They are gentle to the touch even for those with sensitive skin, and dries super fast after sweating. You can rest asure that you and your customers will be provided with the absolute best fabrics.

Our team will guide you through the customized production process to help you create a superior quality garment.


* 30 piece minimum is required and may be on different styles and sizes, but at least 6 pieces from each variation (SKU).

* Available sizes and colors are outlined per style on our website and we can also update you with new available colors/prints at the moment.

* We can also use a broader size range if needed.

* Logos may be heat-transferred in many colors, reflective or embroidered tags (charged separately or you can provide us with them).

* The lead time is 4-6 weeks approximately. 


* The client is responsible for providing the logo artwork.

* Hot-stamping logos, metal tags, hang tags and other accessories usually need a minimum order quantity that will also depend on the complexity and size of the logo (prices upon request).

* If you already have your logo material, you can also send them to us and we add them to the products at no extra costs.



Looking to launch or improve your own line of activewear and need a designer/ legging manufacturer that can help make your dream a reality?
Then you have come to the right place!
With over 9 years of designing and manufacturing exclusively activewear, we can help you manifest your ideas into finished couture designs that you can call your own.
Whether you are a start-up company, or have a successful long-term business, we can assist you in creating your own line to help promote brand awareness and contribute to a new profit center for your business.
We use the same high-quality standards that we use in our own garments to help you develop an activewear brand that you will be proud to call your own.
We offer services from design, tech drawings, samples, production, embellishments, and packaging to help you achieve the best results in your private label process.
Our team will guide you 101 through the customized production process to help you create a superior quality couture garment.
Prices per piece can vary depending on the quantity ordered, the fabric used and the complexity of the design.
Examples of costs listed below.
(Please note: These are ranges and may change at any time and are provided simply to give you ideas on which you can base your budgets and are not to be used for final costing or permanent pricing. These prices are package pricing and include the following: inside labels, fabrics, yarns, hardware, shipping from the material suppliers to our facility in Rio, and duties and all sourcing associated with production. Shipping to the U.S. is quoted separately.

A Sample Pattern Charge includes 1–2 alterations after the prototype samples have been provided (shipping costs not included on the samples).



Basic Construction


Complicated Construction


Jacket (zipper/pocket/hoodie)



Basic Construction $100.00
Complicated Construction $150.00


 THIRD TIME ALTERATION (alteration of pattern charge) $75.00
SAMPLE CHARGE (Prototype Samples) $100.00

Pattern fees will be returned and deducted from order after 500 piece minimum per design is met. 

In order to qualify for the private label exclusive designs program, certain minimums should be met.

There is a minimum of 30 pieces per style, per color/print. You are welcome to order as many styles as you like; however, the 30 quantity minimum must be met per style. Generally, this is broken up into 10S, 10M, 10L, although it may be broken up however you desire, as long as we have a minimum of 6 units for each variation. In order to commence a private label program, we ask that you commit to an opening order of 300 pieces due to the work involved and the sourcing needed to complete your project, including inner and outer tags. This can be diluted over six [6] different styles, or you can order all one style in six [6] different colors. Lead times will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Approximately 30–60 days production time required once samples are approved. Lead times are less for styles that are already in production under the Alis Sportswear label and for these designs we don't charge any extra fees.  Private label contract must be signed prior to submitting estimates and commencing any work on the program.


Terms and Conditions

Wholesale Terms and Conditions apply.

Return Policy

Private Label items are NOT ELIGIBLE for return.

Custom Order Form

For more information on custom orders, please contact helloalis@alissportswear or WhatsApp +14245224001

Thank you!

Please note: These are ranges and may change at any time and are provided simply to give you ideas on which you can base your budgets and are not to be used for final costing or permanent pricing. These prices are package pricing and include the following: composition tags, hardware, packaging, and duties and all sourcing associated with production. The price list doesn't include shipping. 

Fabrics: Jacquard/Supplex/Cirre/Prints

Eco-friendly, UV proof, Polyamide

(not Polyester!)

Leggings Basic/Booty

$21 - 26

Leggings Cuts/Details

$24 - 29

Flare Pants

$24.50 - 29.90


$16 - 20


$16 - 22

Cropped Tops

$16 - 25


$29 - 40


$30 - 40

Using Emana Fabric 

or Reflective

Leggings from $29 

The prices are estimate only. The prices are subject to change due exchange policy variation. We know that each client has their own needs so we prefer to treat each project individually.

Discounts available for bulk orders.

 We look at our client's as friends and we like to work closely with a personalized service. Each client is unique and we dig deep to find the newest trends for their niche. We'll be glad to be part of your company's growth!

Your success is our success too!